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Mario appears in the live-action film Super Mario Bros. as played by Bob Hoskins. Mario finds himself in an alternate universe in which dinosaurs rule where he must save the Earth from invasion. The film was a commercial failure at the box office.[46]

Play the classic platforming video game with a futuristic twist in this wonderful Portal-inspired Super Mario video game - Mari0! Jump around various platforms and use the amazing Portal gun to access places that are not accessible otherwise.

Miyamoto envisioned a "go to" character that could be put into any game as needed, albeit in cameo appearances, as at the time Miyamoto was not expecting the character to become singularly popular.[oito] To this end, he originally called the character "Mr. Video", comparing his intent for appearances in later games to the cameos that Alfred Hitchcock had done within his films.

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Mario can also use a variety of basic martial arts attacks, including punching and kicking, although he uses these moves the most in Super Smash Bros. games; in most games, jumping is his main form of attack. Mario's main weapon is the Hammer in Donkey Kong, although Mario often uses the Hammer as a weapon in Mario RPGs.

We were all rallied up after beating the Super Mario Bros. trilogy, and it couldn't get better. But it did, and it came in the form of this game.

Over the course of the game, Mario tells Luigi that he admitted to Bowser that he has a fear of the dark, which strained communication since Bowser is threatening him with his fear. In the NES version, Mario is captured outside in the snow by a Koopa with a bag. In that version, he also reacts angrily to the title shortly before being captured by the Koopa. In the SNES version, Mario traps into a pitfall outside the castle.

Bowser quickly emerges from the lava, however, and Mario has to reach another switch in order to actually defeat him. Pushing the switch once again sends Bowser falling into the lava below. Mario then reappears back at the flagpole and frees the princess. Mario, along with three Toads, then uses a Super Leaf to get themselves and the princess back home.

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Mario is featured in the first game of the Yoshi franchise, entitled simply Yoshi (or Mario & Yoshi). The gameplay is similar to Tetris: Mario holds several enemies and must align them vertically to eliminate them and score points.

Mario wearing his trademark outfit consisting of a red shirt, red cap, blue overalls with yellow buttons, white gloves, and brown shoes

The differences in Mario's 3D art over time, as a result, is more pronounced than the differences in Mario's 2D art since Super Mario Bros. Ever since Luigi's Mansion, however, Mario has received only minor changes to his general appearance, such as added detail in his shoes, eyes, and cap emblem in most game artworks since Super Mario 3D World, though in the Wii U and Switch generations, Mario's irises have been slightly thicker.

In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, Mario is a default character in all modes. His shot is 212 yards (280 yards with a star) âncora with a high, straight trajectory. Although he can hit farther than many other characters, his shots are more influenced by the wind due to the high trajectory.

Mario also provides a small boost to handling, weight and acceleration on any vehicle he drives. Mario returns as a playable character in Mario Kart 7. Like in the previous titles, he is a medium class racer and most of his stat boosts are around average levels. Mario's metallic rival, Metal Mario, also makes his debut in the Mario Kart series.

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